Tris Pharma created the LiquiXR® drug delivery technology, which has led to the development of multiple first-in-category products. This proprietary technology is the foundation of our branded portfolio, and has enabled numerous successful development partnerships.

Tris Pharma is actively seeking partnership opportunities to further leverage the unique capabilities of our platform. Please contact us to learn more.

About LiquiXR®

  • Ion exchange polymer chemistry enables continuous release of the medication throughout the day
  • Suspension formulations allow for dose titration in smaller increments
cross-section of formulation with LiquiXR® technology

LiquiXR® allows immediate-release products to be transformed into products with extended-release characteristics, and allows for once-daily dosing. LiquiXR® can also provide medication in dosage forms such as:

liquid suspension icon
chewable tablets icon
Chewable tablets
film strip icon
Film strips
orally disintegrating tablet icon
Orally disintegrating

To date this technology has been applied to dozens of Tris Pharma’s products and those of our partners, and has transformed drug delivery, making a real difference for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills.

Features of LiquiXR® technology include:

Differentiated profile

Enables sustained (up to 24 hours) release in traditionally immediate-release (IR) forms, driving differentiated convenience and compliance.

Flexible dosing

Liquid products enable fine-tuningof dose titration vs discrete dosing inherent in solid dosage forms.

Multiple dosage forms

Same micro-sized particles can be adapted into a wide variety of different dosage forms with same PK profile.

Patient population

Ideal for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills, including pediatric, geriatric and dysphagic adult populations.

Improved palatability

Fine, coated particles provide taste-masking effect and a pleasant mouthfeel.

Combination products

Two or more drugs can be combined into a single product, with each meeting its desired PK profile.

Proprietary technology

Tris Pharma’s technology is protected by multilayered patent estate and trade secrets, providing significant barrier to competition.

Easily taken on the go

Chewable tablets are convenient while traveling and can be packaged as an appropriate unit dose.


Robust and specialized coating process creates consistent release profiles.

PK, pharmacokinetics.

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