We stay true to our core values

From our humble beginnings in 2000 from the basement of our founder’s home, we’ve come a long way to become a premier US pharmaceutical company. We understand that none of this would be possible without the passion, drive and innovation of each of our colleagues.

Our mission focuses us each day, and this focus has helped us to get to where we are today: a successful and growing commercial portfolio, a rich product pipeline, a portfolio of more than 125 granted and pending patents, and a team of dedicated colleagues that make it all possible. Throughout our growth as a company, we’ve stayed true to a set of core values.

1Believeyou/we can

Everything starts with what we believe in.

Believing is half the battle. We set our minds to believe that we can, which serves as our motivational foundation. We don’t give up easily and we don’t take no for an answer.

2Leadby example

to better yourself, your colleagues and Tris.

True leadership inspires, drives retention, and builds a trusting, high-performance workplace. We take initiative and are ready and willing to go above and beyond. We strive to create an environment of trust, accountability and cooperation.

3Listento understand

and make Tris an even better place to work.

Understanding is the basis for action. We seek to understand the challenges and the people around us so we know the right thing to do. The right actions build trust and foster relationships.

Our core values at work

We believe in a sense of urgency. We don’t wait for things to come to us–we go out and make things happen. We are “hungry” to feed our intellect and achieve our professional goals.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide a workplace that is safe, where communication is open; suggestions, questions and comments can be brought to management’s attention; and problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful way.

We listen to our colleagues to make our business stronger. We encourage colleagues to offer differing points of view and speak their mind to create an open and transparent workplace. We emphasize a diverse culture based on honesty, initiative, enthusiasm, and open communication: one whose success depends on the full and effective utilization of qualified people based on capabilities and merit.

We are leading by example when we create a motivating, trusting and fun work environment. We are passionate about our work. We exemplify a true team spirit where we value and understand our colleagues and are able talk and laugh with them. It is that dynamic that inspires great work and propels us forward.

We are leading by example when we are action-oriented. We are willing to move decisively, take action and “walk the talk” to capitalize on opportunities. We set out to accomplish and add value to our job, our team and the company.

We are open-minded and listen so that we can understand. We are open to change and learning, and are therefore receptive to constructive criticism. Our open-door policy encourages us to listen.

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